I am very fortunate to be one of those annoying people who can play more than one instrument.

While Bass is my main instrument and the love of my life. I also play Drums, Sing, and Play Guitar.

If you need a replacement player on a temporary or permanent basis, then please contact me. I have the time and ability to dedicate your project and still keep up with the promotion of my CD. There are 7 days in a week, and i'm willing to play at least 6. I do need time to recharge and spend with friends and family and football.

I play both paying and cheapo gigs, I have all the equipment and transportation I need. I also do freelance, engineering live and in the studio.

If interested send me your bio and what your looking for, please include a tape, picture and list of gigs for the last year. Send to Kozar Studios, Po Box 534, Nashua, NH 03061-0534 or email me your questions


I have been playing bass about 10 years. After my first year of intense study, I began teaching and playing in clubs. I have played 100's of gigs throughout New England, taught many students, done recordings and recently release a CD. Goto

I started studying with Jim Stinnett, Berklee College of Music Instructor, back in July. He's helping me play all the things that I can hear in my head, but have been unable to translate live and on tape.

I play a Tobias Growler 4-string, through an SWR-SM400 head, a goliath III cab and an SWR 4-10, I sometimes use a digitech-rp1 for effects. I am in talks right now with a few different manufacturers trying to get an endorsement deal so that I can get a 6string. I've got my fingers crossed.

I sing lead and back ups too. I have my own mikes and monitor if needed.

I have transportation. I can read(a little), however I have the ability to learn 40 songs by ear in about 2 or 3 days.

If you need a bass player on a permanent or temporary level then i'm your guy, no hassles just music.

D is for DRUM

I have been lucky enough to have performed with only great drummers. Guys who taught me the importance of practice, listening and self expression. Drums have their own musicality and their own language, you use your technique and abilities to express what the music means to you, and it is your responsibility to make the band sound excellent.

I studied for a few months with Steve Michaud out of Hudson, NH. He was a long time student of Gary Chafee's, and he taught me many of the things he was told by Gary.

I practice, play to a click, can tune a drum, and can sing and play.

I would rather be Dennis Chambers than Neil Peart.

I have a tuned kit with new heads, decent cymbals. SM 57's and 58's to mike the kit, and transportation.

I'm solid and I learn quick. I'll play anything musical, no thrash. Never tried country, but if the music's good, i'll give it a try.


I would call my self an average guitarist. I know enough chords to stay out of trouble, I think my lead playing is better than my rhythm playing. I have played out as the leadsinger/guitarist in a band. I have recorded on various studio recordings.

I play an Ibanez RG470. A Digitech rp-1. A Fender Twin II. A carvin 4x12 cab.

Through tablature and practice, I could be gig ready in a little over a week.

Willing to be a singer who plays guitar also.