For The Funk

off of the CD, PRONOUNCED: Damn! He's Sexy by stacy bugg

I'm not the type of guy you see in GQ Magazine
All dressed up just to sit and watch tv
or spending way to much for clothes or hanging out in the mall
I haven't eatin' in weeks too week to stand i'll fall

But you like me enough to take me home and share your self with me
now your running your mouth and it's out
but hopefully you'll see.

That I was only there for the funk of it
drinkin through the night you know that I was lit
as I lay there touching you tryin to get my kicks
I say, I was only there for the funk of it.

won't see me on the screen telling you what to buy
but when I saw you shake your thing I wanted to get inside
now maybe i'm not your type, think i'm some kind of freak
If on the streets I pass you buy there's no need to speak

I only needed just a minute
to smile and get in it
and when I was finished
I had to go

And when I called you on the phone
I said i'm ready are you alone
You said you better just stay home cause you
You were only there for the funk of it.