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If interested in recording your next demo or CD at my studio contact Kozar Studios, 603-595-8115.

Still a few copies left of PRONOUNCED: Damn! He's Sexy.

The CD features 8 funk/rock songs which contain slap and pop bass, bluesy soulful vocals, and some tasty guitar work too.

The CD has been receiving regional airply on various New England Stations. Including WCAP, WHOB, Colby-Sawyer College, WOMR 92.1 and MASS.COMM(boston rocks).

The Cd was reviewed in the November 2001 issue of BASS PLAYER MAGAZINE,"Bugg's at his best when he reins in his '70's style rock grooves with syncopated Funk Bass"and the June issue of the Musician's Trade Journal, "On his latet release...Stacy Bugg proves himself to be a multi talented musician and songwriter." "PRONOUNCED: Damn! He's sexy is a good preview to the potential greatness Stacy Bugg has to offer"

The CD is available for just $5.00
Send money order to PO Box 534, Nashua, NH 03061-0534 OR goto for credit card ordering.

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